There are 132 new packages in the Debian archive, 13 were uploaded to experimental and 119 were uploaded to unstable:

suite ITP bug Source package Binary packages
unstable 539022 ibus-qt
 ibus-qt4   - qt-immodule for ibus (QT4)
unstable 524660 mumble-django
 mumble-django - A Mumble-Server web interface
 python-django-mumble - A Mumble-Server config application for Django
unstable 536272 yokadi
 yokadi     - commandline todo system
unstable 535975 turbogears2-doc
 python-turbogears2-doc - documentation for the TurboGears2 web framework
unstable 537493 psimedia
 psimedia   - Plugin for Psi/Psi+ for audio and video calls
unstable hlint
 hlint      - Haskell source code suggestions
experimental 535825 libvirt-glib
 libvirt-glib-dev - libvirt glib mainloop integration
 libvirt-glib0 - libvirt glib mainloop integration
 libvirt-glib0-dbg - libvirt glib mainloop integration
 python-libvirt-glib - libvirt glib mainloop integration
unstable 532154 haskell-hashed-storage
 libghc6-hashed-storage-dev - hashed file storage support code
 libghc6-hashed-storage-doc - hashed file storage support code; documentation
 libghc6-hashed-storage-prof - hashed file storage support code; profiling libraries
unstable 537514 haskell-language-c
 libghc6-language-c-dev - Haskell library for the analysis and generation of C code
 libghc6-language-c-doc - Documentation for Haskell Library.C module
 libghc6-language-c-prof - Profiling libraries for Haskell Library.C module
unstable 471356 openvpn-auth-ldap
 openvpn-auth-ldap - OpenVPN LDAP authentication module
unstable 537206 ctcs
 ctcs       - Hardware testing/burnin suite
unstable maven-shade-plugin
 libmaven-shade-plugin-java - Maven shade plugin
unstable 508040 lxshortcut
 lxshortcut - easy way to edit application shortcuts
experimental 464905 gst-plugins-gl0.10
 gstreamer0.10-plugins-gl - GStreamer plugins from the "gl" set
 gstreamer0.10-plugins-gl-dbg - GStreamer plugins from the "gl" set
 gstreamer0.10-plugins-gl-doc - GStreamer documentation for plugins from the "gl" set
 libgstreamer-plugins-gl0.10-0 - GStreamer libraries from the "gl" set
 libgstreamer-plugins-gl0.10-dev - GStreamer development files for libraries from the "gl"
unstable 531922 aafigure
 python-aafigure - ASCII art to image converter
unstable ttf-gfs-olga
 ttf-gfs-olga - ancient Greek oblique font revival (companion to GFS Didot)
unstable 530753 staden-io-lib
 libstaden-read-dev - development files for libstaden-read
 libstaden-read1 - Staden library for reading and writing DNA sequencing results
 staden-io-lib-utils - programs for maniuplating DNA sequencing files
unstable 524623 icedove-attachmentreminder
 icedove-attachmentreminder - Missing attachment warnings for Icedove
unstable zhone
 zhone      - demo GUI
 zhone-illume-glue - demo GUI - illume interaction
unstable 537513 ibus-table-array30
 ibus-table-array30 - Array30 input method based on table engine of ibus
unstable 536697 polarssl
 libpolarssl-dev - lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library
unstable 496228 chaosreader
 chaosreader - trace network sessions and export it to html format
experimental 523397 maven-scm
 libmaven-scm-java - Maven SCM provides a common API for doing SCM operations
 libmaven-scm-java-doc - Maven SCM provides a common API for doing SCM operations
unstable 525977 netbeans-cvsclient
 libnetbeans-cvsclient-java - NetBeans CVS Client library
experimental moovida-plugins-bad
 moovida-plugins-bad - Moovida plugins from the "bad" set
unstable 532266 haskell-mmap
 libghc6-mmap-dev - hashed file storage support code
 libghc6-mmap-doc - hashed file storage support code; documentation
 libghc6-mmap-prof - hashed file storage support code; profiling libraries
unstable 537204 embassy-domsearch
 embassy-domsearch - Extra EMBOSS commands to search for protein domains
unstable plexus-digest
 libplexus-digest-java - Digest utilities for the Plexus system
unstable ofono
 ofono      - Mobile telephony stack (daemon)
 ofono-dev  - Mobile telephony stack (development files)
unstable 534883 haskell-lazysmallcheck
 libghc6-lazysmallcheck-dev - A library for demand-driven testing of Haskell programs
 libghc6-lazysmallcheck-prof - A library for demand-driven testing of Haskell programs;
experimental moovida-plugins-ugly
 moovida-plugins-ugly - Moovida plugins from the "ugly" set
unstable 475022 connman
 connman    - Intel Connection Manager daemon
unstable 534472 ttf-monapo
 ttf-monapo - Japanese TrueType font, Monapo
unstable 537852 notify-osd
 notify-osd - daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications
unstable 511170 pygpgme
 python-gpgme - python wrapper for the GPGME library
 python-gpgme-dbg - python wrapper for the GPGME library (debug extension)
unstable 509871 coinor-cgl
 coinor-libcgl-dev - Cut Generator Library, a library of cutting-plane generators
 coinor-libcgl-doc - Cut Generator Library, a library of cutting-plane generators
 coinor-libcgl0 - Cut Generator Library, a library of cutting-plane generators
 coinor-libcgl0-dbg - Cut Generator Library, a library of cutting-plane generators
unstable maven-install-plugin
 libmaven-install-plugin-java - Maven install plugin
unstable 536732 libfiu
 fiu-utils  - userspace fault injection framework (utilities)
 libfiu-dev - userspace fault injection framework (development libraries)
 libfiu0    - userspace fault injection framework
 python-fiu - userspace fault injection framework (Python bindings)
unstable vala-terminal
 vala-terminal - Terminal emulator for mobile devices
unstable 536604 qconf
 qconf      - A nice configure script for your qmake-based project
unstable 538202 virt-what
 virt-what  - detect if we are running in a virtual machine
unstable 529619 blcr
 blcr-source - Source for the blcr kernel modules
 blcr-util  - Userspace tools to Checkpoint and Restart Linux processes
 lib32cr0   - (32bit) Libraries to Checkpoint and Restart Linux processes
 libcr-dev  - Development files for BLCR
 libcr0     - Libraries to Checkpoint and Restart Linux processes
unstable 537230 apvlv
 apvlv      - PDF viewer with Vim-like behaviour
unstable 537211 libusb-ruby
 libusb-ruby - libusb binding for the Ruby language
 libusb-ruby1.8 - libusb binding for Ruby
 libusb-ruby1.9 - libusb binding for Ruby
unstable 528189 qwit
 qwit       - Lightweight desktop client for Twitter microblogging service
unstable get-iplayer
 get-iplayer - lists, Records and Streams BBC iPlayer TV and Radio programmes
unstable 534249 hstore-new
 postgresql-8.3-hstore-new - PostgreSQL data type for storing sets of (key,value) pairs
 postgresql-8.4-hstore-new - PostgreSQL data type for storing sets of (key,value) pairs
unstable 537705 agda-bin
 agda-bin   - Commandline interface to Agda
unstable 447959 docbook-xsl-ns
 docbook-xsl-ns - stylesheets for processing DocBook 5 XML to various output format
unstable 531959 g2clib
 libgrib2c-dev - NCEP GRIB2 library - development files
 libgrib2c0d - NCEP GRIB2 encoder/decoder library
unstable 516629 pgocaml
 libpgocaml-ocaml - OCaml type-safe bindings for PostgreSQL
 libpgocaml-ocaml-dev - OCaml type-safe bindings for PostgreSQL
unstable network-manager-openconnect
 network-manager-openconnect - AnyConnect plugin for Network Manager
unstable 537886 quitcount
 quitcount  - A small tool which may help yourself quit smoking
unstable 532261 fim
 fim        - a scriptable frame buffer and ascii art image viewer
unstable ttf-gfs-porson
 ttf-gfs-porson - Greek font (Porson revival)
unstable 537475 php-memcached
 php5-memcached - memcached extension module for PHP5
unstable 536810 libsystemu-ruby
 libsystemu-ruby - univeral child process handling library
 libsystemu-ruby-doc - documentation for libsystemu-ruby
 libsystemu-ruby1.8 - univeral child process handling library for Ruby 1.8
 libsystemu-ruby1.9 - univeral child process handling library for Ruby 1.9
unstable 529166 upnp-inspector
 upnp-inspector - Python UPnP framework analyser
unstable 466304 waf
 waf        - Python-based build system
 waf-doc    - documentation for waf
unstable flvstreamer
 flvstreamer - comman-line RTMP client
experimental python3-stdlib-extensions
 python3-gdbm - GNU dbm database support for Python 3.x
 python3-gdbm-dbg - GNU dbm database support for Python 3.x (debug extension)
 python3-tk - Tkinter - Writing Tk applications with Python 3.x
 python3-tk-dbg - Tkinter - Writing Tk applications with Python 3.x (debug extensio
unstable 499485 quickplay
 quickplay  - play mp3 streams from an Ampache server
experimental python3-defaults
 idle3      - An IDE for Python using Tkinter (default version)
 python3    - An interactive high-level object-oriented language (default pytho
 python3-all - Package depending on all supported Python runtime versions
 python3-all-dbg - Package depending on all supported Python debugging packages
 python3-all-dev - Package depending on all supported Python development packages
 python3-dbg - Debug Build of the Python Interpreter (version 3.1)
 python3-dev - Header files and a static library for Python (default)
 python3-doc - Documentation for the high-level object-oriented language Python
 python3-examples - Examples for the Python language (default version)
 python3-minimal - A minimal subset of the Python language (default python3 version)
unstable 49863 346561 transset-df
 transset-df - support on-the-fly transparency changing in xorg
unstable ttf-gfs-didot
 ttf-gfs-didot - Greek font family (Didot revival)
experimental python3-profiler
 python3-profiler - deterministic profiling of any Python programs (Python 3.x)
unstable 503437 lshell
 lshell     - restricts a user's shell environment to limited sets of commands
unstable 495305 qla-tools
 qla-tools  - QLogic Linux tools for work with QLogic HBAs
unstable 503104 l7-filter-userspace
 l7-filter-userspace - Userspace layer 7 packet classifier
unstable 537713 fairymax
 fairymax   - xboard compatible chess and chess-variant engine
unstable autokey
 autokey    - text expansion and hotkey utility
unstable 533371 solang
 solang     - A photo manager for GNOME
unstable 514977 tegaki-zinnia-japanese
 tegaki-zinnia-japanese - Japanese handwriting model for Zinnia
unstable 539023 abr2gbr
 abr2gbr    - Converts PhotoShop brushes to GIMP
unstable 539135 librest
 librest-dev - REST service access library (development headers)
 librest-doc - REST service access library (documentation)
 librest0   - REST service access library
 librest0-dbg - REST service access library (Debug files)
unstable bugs-everywhere
 bugs-everywhere - distributed bug tracking system using VCS storage
unstable xmount
 xmount     - tool to crossmount between multiple input and output harddisk ima
unstable 540066 fission
 iceweasel-fission - combines address bar and progress bar for iceweasel
unstable 407665 ball
 ballview   - A free molecular modeling and molecular graphics tool
 libball1.3 - Biochemical Algorithms Library
 libball1.3-dev - Header files for the Biochemical Algorithms Library
 libball1.3-doc - Documentation for the BALL library
 libballview1.3 - Biochemical Algorithms Library, VIEW framework
 libballview1.3-dev - Header files for the VIEW part of the Biochemical Algorithms Libr
 python-ball - Python bindings for the Biochemical Algorithms Library
 python-ballview - Python bindings for VIEW-parts of the Biochemical Algorithms Libr
unstable lv2core
 lv2core    - The LV2 audio plugin specification
unstable 538130 prosody
 prosody    - Lightweight Jabber/XMPP server written in Lua
unstable 537370 euca2ools
 euca2ools  - managing cloud instances for Eucalyptus
unstable 456317 kmfl-keyboards-mywin
 kmfl-keyboards-mywin - myWin Myanmar (Burmese) Unicode Keyboard
unstable 531827 mono-uia
 libmono-uia3.0-cil - Implementations of members and interfaces based on MS UIA API
 libmono-windowsbase3.0-cil - WindowsBase library required by UIA for use with Mono
 mono-uia-dbg - Mono UIA debugging symbols
unstable 533414 vite
 vite       - Efficient visual trace explorer
unstable 539660 mssh
 mssh       - tool to administrate multiple servers at once
experimental 535174 doxia-maven-plugin
 libdoxia-maven-plugin-java - A Maven plugin for Doxia.
unstable tryton-modules-stock-product-location
 tryton-modules-stock-product-location - Tryton Application Platform
   (Stock Product Location Module)
unstable tryton-modules-product-cost-history
 tryton-modules-product-cost-history - Tryton Application Platform
   (Product Cost History Module)
unstable tryton-modules-stock-supply-day
 tryton-modules-stock-supply-day - Tryton Application Platform
   (Stock Supply Day Module)
unstable tryton-modules-product-cost-fifo
 tryton-modules-product-cost-fifo - Tryton Application Platform
   (Product Cost FIFO Module)
unstable tryton-modules-stock-inventory-location
 tryton-modules-stock-inventory-location - Tryton Application Platform
   (Stock Inventory Location Module)
experimental 535191 modello-maven-plugin
 libmodello-maven-plugin-java - Modello Maven Plugin enables the use of Modello
   in Maven builds
experimental 537307 clirr
 clirr      - Checks Java libraries for compatibility with older releases
unstable 539793 cl-fftw3
 cl-fftw3   - Common Lisp package for using the FFTW3 library
unstable 536499 geany-plugins
 geany-plugin-addons - miscellanous plugins for Geany
 geany-plugin-gdb - GDB plugin for Geany
 geany-plugin-latex - improved LaTeX support plugin for Geany
 geany-plugin-lipsum - Lorem Ipsum generator plugin for Geany
 geany-plugin-lua - Lua scripting plugin for Geany
 geany-plugin-sendmail - mailer plugin for Geany
 geany-plugin-shiftcolumn - text column shifting plugin for Geany
 geany-plugin-spellcheck - spellcheck plugin for Geany
 geany-plugin-vc - VCS plugin for Geany
 geany-plugins - set of plugins for Geany
 geany-plugins-common - set of plugins for Geany (translations)
experimental 539770 xmlunit
 libxmlunit-java - A library that enables unit testing of XML
 libxmlunit-java-doc - Documentation for XMLUnit
unstable 531190 otf-ipafont
 otf-ipafont - Japanese OpenType font set, IPAfont
unstable 538755 python-dpkt
 python-dpkt - Python packet creation / parsing module
experimental 537721 mini-buildd
 mini-buildd-bld - Minimal Debian buildd (builder)
 mini-buildd-common - Minimal Debian buildd (common)
 mini-buildd-rep - Minimal Debian buildd (repository)
unstable libyubikey
 libyubikey-dev - Yubikey OTP library development files
 libyubikey0 - Yubikey OTP handling library runtime
unstable 535269 ttf-sil-galatia
 ttf-sil-galatia - font family for Latin-1 and Greek (polytonic support)
unstable 536822 libclass-accessor-classy-perl
 libclass-accessor-classy-perl - Perl module providing minimalist, fast accessors
unstable 537287 liborlite-mirror-perl
 liborlite-mirror-perl - ORLite extension to use remote SQLite databases
unstable 537268 libverilog-perl
 libverilog-perl - building point for Verilog support in the Perl language
unstable 537970 libalgorithm-merge-perl
 libalgorithm-merge-perl - Perl module for three-way merge of textual data
unstable 536825 libfile-fu-perl
 libfile-fu-perl - Perl module for file and directory manipulation as objects
unstable 537660 libcarp-clan-share-perl
 libcarp-clan-share-perl - Perl module enabling sharing of Carp::Clan settings
unstable 537661 libhash-merge-simple-perl
 libhash-merge-simple-perl - Perl module to easily merge two or more hashes
unstable 541223 libtext-dhcpleases-perl
 libtext-dhcpleases-perl - Perl module to parse DHCP leases file from ISC dhcpd
unstable 541051 libconfig-gitlike-perl
 libconfig-gitlike-perl - Perl module for Git-compatible config file parsing
unstable 541049 libpath-dispatcher-perl
 libpath-dispatcher-perl - flexible and extensible command-line dispatch for Perl programs
unstable 541066 libxml-atom-simplefeed-perl
 libxml-atom-simplefeed-perl - Perl module for generation of Atom syndication feeds
unstable 538406 libparse-win32registry-perl
 libparse-win32registry-perl - Perl module for parsing Windows registry files
 parse-win32registry-utils - Examples for Parse::Win32Registry
unstable 541068 libuuid-tiny-perl
 libuuid-tiny-perl - pure Perl module to generate v1, v3, v4, and v5 UUIDs
unstable 541364 libtest-script-run-perl
 libtest-script-run-perl - Perl module for testing scripts as subprocesses
unstable 539783 libtest-subcalls-perl
 libtest-subcalls-perl - Perl module to count subroutine calls
unstable 540976 libcarp-always-perl
 libcarp-always-perl - Perl module to make warns and dies noisy with stack backtraces
unstable 541597 libmoosex-lazyrequire-perl
 libmoosex-lazyrequire-perl - Perl module for required attributes which fail only when
   trying t
unstable 533032 libhttp-server-simple-mason-perl
 libhttp-server-simple-mason-perl - abstract baseclass for a standalone mason server
unstable 538314 libtext-affixes-perl
 libtext-affixes-perl - Perl module for extracting prefixes and suffixes from a text
unstable 479221 libautobox-perl
 libautobox-perl - Perl pragma for method calls on native types
unstable 540300 libsub-current-perl
 libsub-current-perl - Perl module to determine the executing subroutine
unstable 515636 libtemplate-plugin-javascript-perl
 libtemplate-plugin-javascript-perl - Perl module to sanitize text for JavaScript
unstable 537975 libtext-password-pronounceable-perl
 libtext-password-pronounceable-perl - Perl module to generate pronounceable passwords
unstable 538939 libmodule-pluggable-ordered-perl
 libmodule-pluggable-ordered-perl - Perl module to load plugins in a specified order
unstable 525300 libmodule-cpants-analyse-perl
 libmodule-cpants-analyse-perl - Perl module to generate Kwalitee ratings for a
unstable 537579 libimage-math-constrain-perl
 libimage-math-constrain-perl - Perl module performing math used to constrain image sizes
unstable 537636 libio-epoll-perl
 libio-epoll-perl - Perl interface to the Epoll IO Multiplexing subsystem
unstable 537653 libio-async-loop-epoll-perl
 libio-async-loop-epoll-perl - Perl extension for an event loop using epoll
unstable 537658 libio-async-loop-glib-perl
 libio-async-loop-glib-perl - Perl extension for an event loop using GLib
unstable 513303 libbio-scf-perl
 libbio-scf-perl - Perl extension for reading and writting SCF sequence files