28 February 11
published by ana

news.debian.net is closing. In the next days, the website will become a static copy.

Thank you for following all this 19 months!

15 February 11
published by ana

The Debian Volatile archive is discontinued starting with squeeze. It has been replaced by the suite squeeze-updates on the official mirrors. Read the full announcement to know all the details.

6 February 11
published by ana

After two years of intense work, the Debian project has published a new stable release.

You are welcome to read the full release announcement to get an overview of the changes, the installation manual if you are doing a fresh installation and the release notes before upgrading your systems.

Choose your preferred installation media from http://deb.li/squeeze

Squeeze Countdown

Also, don’t miss checking out the new design of the Debian website, Debian Wiki, Debian Lists Archive, Debian Planet , package information system and Debian Git web.

Thank you to everybody who made it possible!

5 February 11
published by ana

Squeeze Countdown

Follow the release live via IRC (irc.debian.org), identi.ca/debian or join others in the party line!

2 February 11
published by ana

The following developers got their Debian accounts in the last month:

  • Kamal Mostafa (kamal)
  • Martin Bagge (brother)
  • Kai Wasserbäch (curan)


28 January 11
published by ana

Next weekend Debian Developers and users from all over the world are organizing release parties. Do you want a release party in your city? Organize it and invite others! http://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartySqueeze

Squeeze Countdown

22 January 11
published by ana

The release team announced Squeeze will be released the weekend of the 5th-6th of February.

Join us in the final countdown!

Squeeze Countdown

The banner was made by mvd based on Valessio’s theme Spacefun.You are welcome to link it from your website.

While you are waiting, you can also update your Lenny systems to 5.0.8.

13 January 11
published by ana

The Debian Installer team has announced the Debian Installer 6.0 Release Candidate 1 release. Read about all the changes and improvements at their announcement.

Remember Squeeze will ship with a completely free Linux Kernel, although if you require use of the non-free bits you can keep fetching them from non-free. Non-free is not part of the Debian default installation and must be enabled manually.

Your help is welcome:

  • With any of the bugs at http://tinyurl.com/squeeze-sort, especially with the bugs marked as blocked.
  • With the release notes, report a bug to release-notes (with patch!) if you see any information missing or incomplete or if you have something worthwhile to add.
  • Translating the release notes with the Debian internationalization teams.
  • And you are still on time to do upgrade and installation tests and report any big issue you may encounter.

31 December 10
published by ana

The following developers got their Debian accounts in the last month:

  • Jonathan Wiltshire (jmw)
  • Michael Hanke (mih)
  • Sebastian Reichel (sre)
  • Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (sgevatter)
  • Kåre Thor Olsen (kaare)
  • Didier Raboud (odyx)
  • Benjamin Drung (bdrung)


The following developers have returned as Debian Developers after having retired at some time in the past:

  • Matt Zimmerman (mdz)
  • Jerome Marant (jerome)
  • Scott James Remnant (keybuk)

Welcome back!

8 December 10
published by ana

As part of the Training Sessions initiative organized by the Debian Women project, this Thursday we will hold a lesson on how to use the Debian Bug Tracking System.

Like the previous sessions, this lesson will take place on #debian-women on irc.debian.org, at 19:00 UTC on Thursday 9th December.

Logs will be available immediately after the lesson at the usual place and a wiki tutorial will be created a few days later. You might want to follow our group on identi.ca for further information!

See you on Thursday!

Francesca Ciceri