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17 November 10

The Debian Release Team has made a status update on Debian 6.0, “Squeeze”. They are proud to report that Debian is moving towards the release like a glacier: “inevitably and unstoppingly”.

Squeeze is almost in its final state: testing of the installer and upgrades are welcome. Once the latest version of the Debian Installer is added, a deep freeze will begin, with minimal changes allowed while the remaining bugs are fixed. Your help is welcome in:

There are two upcoming bug squashing parties you can join: Bern, Switzerland, November 27-28; and Boulogne-Billancourt, France,December 4-5.

7 October 10

Debian 6.0 “squeeze” will be the first GNU/Linux distribution release ever to offer comprehensive support for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based neuroimaging research. It comes with up-to-date software for structural image analysis (e.g. ants), diffusion imaging and tractography (e.g. mrtrix), stimulus delivery (e.g. psychopy), MRI sequence development (e.g. odin), as well as a number of versatile data processing and analysis suites (e.g. nipype). Moreover, this release will have built-in support for all major neuroimaging data formats.

Please see the Debian Science and Debian Med task pages for a comprehensive list of included software and the NeuroDebian webpage for further information.

NeuroDebian at the Society for Neuroscience meeting 2010

The NeuroDebian team will run a Debian booth at the Society for Neuroscience meeting (SfN2010) that will take place November 13-17 in San Diego, USA. The annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience is one of the largest neuroscience conferences in the world, with over 30,000 attendees. Researchers, clinicians, and leading experts discuss the latest findings about the brain, nervous system, and related disorders.

If you are a Debian enthusiast (developer, contributor, evangelist) and reside near San Diego (or have time and funds for travel/lounge), or already planing to attend SfN 2010, please help us to make the Debian booth at SfN shine. Please contact the NeuroDebian team at

If you are going to SfN2010, come talk to us at booth #3815.

Michael Hanke and Yaroslav Halchenko

28 September 10

For more than 11 years now, FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) lived happily at Now that it’s grown up, it finally deserves its own home at This also means less typing for all of FAI’s friends.

Along with the new web home also its sister, the wiki, has moved from to

Other parts of the family, such as the mailing lists, stay at their place. If you are a friend with FAI, however, you might need to update your sources.list. If your sources.list configuration includes something like:

  deb lenny koeln

please change it to the new URL accordingly, like:

  deb lenny koeln

The old URL’s will still work, but we suggest to update to the new ones. If you have links on your web page to the FAI project, please update the links to the new location and also update your address book (aka bookmarks) accordingly.

FAI would like to thank its parents at the University of Cologne for hosting and continuing support. The new home is still provided by the University of Cologne.

Thomas Lange

5 January 10

It is our pleasure to announce that Aurélien Jarno is now an assistant to the Debian Security Team.

He will concentrate most of his efforts on security support for the new kFreeBSD kernel.

Thanks Aurélien, and welcome to the team.

Steffen Joeris, on behalf of the Security Team

3 December 09

It is our pleasure to announce that Giuseppe Iuculano is now a full member of the Security Team.

Also, Raphael Geissert has been added as an assistant to the Security Team.

Moritz Mühlenhoff, on behalf of the Security Team

7 October 09

It is our pleasure to announce that Giuseppe Iuculano (iuculano), who recently became a DD, has now been added as an assistant to the Security Team. He has a long history of contributing to the field of security in Debian and we are glad that he has agreed in joining us.

Steffen Joeris, on behalf of the Security Team

7 September 09

Gunnar Wolf announced he will be joining Jonathan McDowell in the maintenance of the Debian Keyring.

Congratulations Gunnar!

15 August 09

For those not reading debian-devel-announce, there are some nice information about the latest updates in the BTS, (Bug Tracking System), you can read about them at Bits o’ Bugs from the BTS.

10 August 09

The Security Team has recently added some trainees. So far, Sebastien Delafond, Jan Christoph Nordholz and Luciano Bello have worked on updates, with a fourth candidate in the pipeline.

The uploads are reviewed and released by the current Security Team members, usually identified by the Sender: header line in the announcement mail.