Archives June, 2010

10 June 10

The following packages have been orphaned and are looking for a new maintainer:

The following packages have been put up for adoption by the current maintainers:

The following packages are requesting co-maintainers:

Somebody asked for the following software to be packaged in Debian:

You can read more information about how to help at Work-Needing and Prospective Packages page.

1 June 10

The following developers got their Debian accounts in the last month:

  • Scott Kitterman (kitterman)
  • Dominique Belhachemi (domibel)
  • Sylvain Beucler (beuc)
  • Alessio Treglia (alessio)
  • Giovanni Mascellani (gio)
  • Ulises Vitulli (dererk)
  • Tommi Vainikainen (tvainika)
  • Serafeim Zanikolas (sez)
  • Hideki Yamane (henrich)
  • Obey Arthur Liu (arthurliu)
  • Thierry Soloniaina Randrianiriana (thierry)
  • Thomas Weber (tweber)
  • Mikhail Gusarov (dottedmag)
  • Ritesh Sarraf (rrs)
  • Kanru Chen (koster)