• TeX Live 2009 has been uploaded to experimental due the high amount of internal changes. See texlive-base 2009-1 changelog for more information.
  • The new release of mercurial 1.4 is in unstable. (changelog)
  • Also, for those packaging with mercurial, Jens Peter Secher has made a rewrite of hg-buildpackage (orphaned for some time now) named mercurial-buildpackage. More information about mercurial-buildpackage’s features in this email.
  • lenny-and-a-half was not planned due the initial freeze plans in December. Now that the freeze has been set in March, there is some discussion about reviving it, help is needed!
  • RaphaĆ«l Hertzog announced that now the new source package formats has been available for some weeks, it is time to think about making it the default format. There is a release goal about this and about 100 bugs need to be fixed.
    More information about how to convert your packages to the new source format is available in this wikipage and in the dpkg-source(1) man page (SOURCE PACKAGE FORMATS paragraph).