There are 70 new packages in the Debian archive, 2 were uploaded to experimental and 68 were uploaded to unstable:

ITP bug Source package Binary packages
539558 bnd
 bnd        - A tool to create and diagnose OSGi R4 bundles
563217 jxplorer
 jxplorer   - Java LDAP Browser
556367 libjna-posix-java
 libjna-posix-java - basic POSIX-like functions for Java
 libjna-posix-java-doc - Java JNA-POSIX library API documentation
 libjpeg-progs - Programs for manipulating JPEG files
 libjpeg8   - The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library
 libjpeg8-dbg - Development files for the IJG JPEG library
 libjpeg8-dev - Development files for the IJG JPEG library
505389 533809 omniorb-dfsg
 libcos4-1  - omniORB CORBA services stubs
 libcos4-1-dbg - omniORB CORBA services stubs debugging symbols
 libcos4-dev - omniORB CORBA services stubs development files
 libomniorb4-1 - omniORB core libraries
 libomniorb4-1-dbg - omniORB core libraries debugging symbols
 libomniorb4-dev - omniORB core libraries development files
 libomnithread3-dev - C++ threading library development files
 libomnithread3c2 - C++ threading library
 libomnithread3c2-dbg - C++ threading library debugging symbols
 omniidl    - omniORB IDL to C++ and Python compiler
 omniidl4   - Transition package for the omniORB IDL to C++ and Python compiler
 omniorb    - IOR and naming service utilities for omniORB
 omniorb-doc - omniORB documentation
 omniorb-idl - omniORB CORBA services idl files
 omniorb-nameserver - omniORB naming service
 omniorb4   - Transitional package for omniORB
 omniorb4-doc - Transitional package for the omniORB documenation
 omniorb4-idl - Transitional package for the omniORB IDL files
 omniorb4-nameserver - Transitional package for the omniORB naming service
563116 rtgui
 rtgui      - A web based front-end for rTorrent
563409 bluewho
 bluewho    - notifies new discovered bluetooth devices
563242 gprbuild
 gprbuild   - a multi-language extensible build tool
 gprbuild-doc - a multi-language extensible build tool
564454 haskell-filemanip
 libghc6-filemanip-dev - expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell
 libghc6-filemanip-doc - expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell; documenta
 libghc6-filemanip-prof - expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell; profiling
463166 daa2iso
 daa2iso    - The DAA files (Direct Access Archive) to ISO converting tool
563207 libmoosex-storage-perl
 libmoosex-storage-perl - serialization framework for Moose classes
491583 meep-mpich
 libmeep-mpich-dev - development library for using parallel (mpich) version of meep
 libmeep-mpich6 - library for using parallel (mpich) version of meep
 meep-mpich - software package for FDTD simulation, parallel (mpich) version
562511 pytracer
 python-tracer - Centralized trace management using sys.settrace
563175 563212 easymp3gain
 easymp3gain-gtk - GUI interface for MP3Gain, AACGain and VorbisGain
380461 httpfs2
 httpfs2    - FUSE filesystem for mounting files from http servers
 ipcfg      - Network configuration system
564883 kannel-sqlbox
 kannel-sqlbox - SQL helper application for Kannel WAP and SMS gateway
564901 libthrowable-perl
 libthrowable-perl - Moose role for classes that can be thrown
529815 plasma-widget-yawp
 plasma-widget-yawp - Yet Another Weather Plasmoid fetches weather forecasts for you
555802 moblin-session
 moblin-session - Moblin2 Session and Startup Scripts
559039 snmp-mibs-downloader
 snmp-mibs-downloader - Install and manage Management Information Base (MIB) files
494796 life
 liblife    - A library for the finite element method
 liblife-dbg - A library for the finite element method
 liblife-dev - A library for the finite element method
 life-apps  - A library for the finite element method
 life-doc   - A library for the finite element method
539835 simutrans-pak128.britain
 simutrans-pak128.britain - transportation simulator (data files)
542490 tabmixplus
 xul-ext-tabmixplus - adds dozens of new capabilities to tabbed browsing
563950 tagcloud
 tagcloud   - Visualize tagged notes as a cloud
560250 564924 usb-modeswitch-data
 usb-modeswitch-data - mode switching data for usb-modeswitch
519938 yui-compressor
 yui-compressor - YUI Compressor is JavaScript/CSS minifier
529067 zeitgeist
 zeitgeist  - event logging framework
 zeitgeist-core - event logging framework - engine
 zeitgeist-datahub - event logging framework - passive logging daemon
563833 ccbuild
 ccbuild    - A C++ source scanning build utility
565601 doxypy
 doxypy     - Python input filter for Doxygen
 ezgo-accessories - EzGo Accessories
 ezgo-education - EzGo Education
 ezgo-games - EzGo Games
 ezgo-imaging - EzGo imaging
 ezgo-multimedia - EzGo multimedia
 ezgo-network - EzGo network
 ezgo-office - EzGo Office
 ezgo-tasks - EzGo tasks for tasksel
565157 fsgateway
 fsgateway  - FUSE module to browse database's metadata, sugar datastores and x
562758 haskell-datetime
 libghc6-datetime-dev - Haskell library to convert date and time formats - GHC 6 librarie
 libghc6-datetime-doc - Haskell library to convert date and time formats - documentation
 libghc6-datetime-prof - Haskell library to convert date and time formats - GHC 6 profilin
565151 hornsey
 hornsey    - Moblin media player
 hornsey-dbg - Moblin media player (debug symbols)
 libmoneta-ruby - Ruby interface to multiple key/value stores
 libmoneta-ruby1.8 - Ruby interface to multiple key/value stores
565158 pgn2web
 pgn2web    - convert PGN chess game files into webpages
 python-redis - Persistent key-value database with network interface (Python libr
565114 libfile-sharedir-install-perl
 libfile-sharedir-install-perl - module for installing read-only data files
559327 libxmlenc-java
 libxmlenc-java - Fast stream-based XML output library for java
 libxmlenc-java-doc - Fast stream-based XML output library for java - documentation
556397 freehep-graphics2d
 libfreehep-graphics2d-java - FreeHEP 2D Graphics Library
 monodevelop-python - Python plugin for MonoDevelop
565395 polkit-qt-1
 libpolkit-qt-1-0 - PolicyKit-qt-1 library
 libpolkit-qt-1-dev - PolicyKit-qt-1 development files
515637 dojo
 libjs-dojo-core - Modular JavaScript toolkit
 libjs-dojo-dijit - Modular JavaScript toolkit - Dijit
 libjs-dojo-dojox - Modular JavaScript toolkit - DojoX
537193 gtk2-engines-aurora
 gtk2-engines-aurora - Aurora gtk+-2.0 theme engine
497507 jeex
 jeex       - visual editor to view and edit files in hexadecimal
563259 libgraphics-color-perl
 libgraphics-color-perl - module for manipulating colours in different colour spaces
565468 libtest-eol-perl
 libtest-eol-perl - module to check for non-Unix line endings
564775 libtest-nobreakpoints-perl
 libtest-nobreakpoints-perl - module to test that files do not contain soft breakpoints
564615 libtest-requires-perl
 libtest-requires-perl - utility module for tests to check whether modules are available
564613 libtest-tcp-perl
 libtest-tcp-perl - module to test TCP/IP programs
564608 python-aalib
 python-aalib - Python interface to AAlib, an ASCII art library
 idle-python2.7 - An IDE for Python (v2.7) using Tkinter
 libpython2.7 - Shared Python runtime library (version 2.7)
 python2.7  - An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.7)
 python2.7-dbg - Debug Build of the Python Interpreter (version 2.7)
 python2.7-dev - Header files and a static library for Python (v2.7)
 python2.7-doc - Documentation for the high-level object-oriented language Python
 python2.7-examples - Examples for the Python language (v2.7)
 python2.7-minimal - A minimal subset of the Python language (version 2.7)
565515 sudosh3
 sudosh3    - Complete logging for sudo
563921 tokyotyrant
 libtokyotyrant-dev - Tokyo Tyrant development files
 libtokyotyrant1 - Tokyo Tyrant runtime libraries
 tokyotyrant - Tokyo Tyrant: network interface to Tokyo Cabinet
 tokyotyrant-dbg - Tokyo Tyrant debugging symbols
 tokyotyrant-doc - Tokyo Tyrant documentation
 tokyotyrant-utils - Tokyo Tyrant utilities
565670 libjpedal-jbig2-java
 libjpedal-jbig2-java - library for accession of large images
565623 colorname
 colorname  - utility to associate a name to a color
399756 wordpress-mu
 wordpress-mu - multi user version of WordPress
565408 libencode-arabic-perl
 libencode-arabic-perl - perl implementation for Arabic encodings
563258 libgeometry-primitive-perl
 libgeometry-primitive-perl - module to represent geometric entities
565748 libisnativec-java
 libisnativec-5.2-java - helper routines to access native code from Java
 libisnativec-java - helper routines to access native code from Java
 libisnativec-java-doc - Javadoc API description for isNativeC
565469 libtest-consistentversion-perl
 libtest-consistentversion-perl - module to ensure consistent versions in a package
562088 libxmlezout
 libxmlezout-dbg - Easy-to-use library for emitting XML from Ada programs
 libxmlezout0 - Easy-to-use library for emitting XML from Ada programs
 libxmlezout1-dev - Easy-to-use library for emitting XML from Ada programs
561690 meliae
 python-meliae - Memory analysis tool for Python
565691 mygpoclient
 python-mygpoclient - Client library for the web service
565354 winwrangler
 winwrangler - Small desktop daemon to perform advanced window
564461 ngorca
 ngorca     - password recovery tool for Oracle databases
560255 nordugrid-arc-nox
 nordugrid-arc-nox - ARC grid middleware
 nordugrid-arc-nox-arex - ARC Remote EXecution service
 nordugrid-arc-nox-charon - ARC CHARON service
 nordugrid-arc-nox-client - ARC prototype clients
 nordugrid-arc-nox-compiler - ARC compiler service
 nordugrid-arc-nox-delegation - ARC delegation service
 nordugrid-arc-nox-dev - ARC development files
 nordugrid-arc-nox-doc - ARC API documentation
 nordugrid-arc-nox-hed - ARC Hosting Environment Daemon
 nordugrid-arc-nox-hopi - ARC HOPI service
 nordugrid-arc-nox-isis - ARC isis service
 nordugrid-arc-nox-janitor - ARC dynamic installation of runtime environments
 nordugrid-arc-nox-java - ARC Java wrapper
 nordugrid-arc-nox-paul - ARC paul service
 nordugrid-arc-nox-plugins-base - ARC base plugins
 nordugrid-arc-nox-plugins-globus - ARC Globus plugins
 nordugrid-arc-nox-python - ARC Python wrapper
 nordugrid-arc-nox-saml2sp - ARC saml2sp service
 nordugrid-arc-nox-slcs - ARC slcs service
545489 mon-client
 mon-client - modules for interfacing with the mon package
 python-old-doctools - Python latex based documentation tools (rescued from python2.5)
557354 notmuch
 notmuch    - thread-based email index, search and tagging