For more than 11 years now, FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) lived happily at Now that it’s grown up, it finally deserves its own home at This also means less typing for all of FAI’s friends.

Along with the new web home also its sister, the wiki, has moved from to

Other parts of the family, such as the mailing lists, stay at their place. If you are a friend with FAI, however, you might need to update your sources.list. If your sources.list configuration includes something like:

  deb lenny koeln

please change it to the new URL accordingly, like:

  deb lenny koeln

The old URL’s will still work, but we suggest to update to the new ones. If you have links on your web page to the FAI project, please update the links to the new location and also update your address book (aka bookmarks) accordingly.

FAI would like to thank its parents at the University of Cologne for hosting and continuing support. The new home is still provided by the University of Cologne.

Thomas Lange