Here are the Debian users who have submitted a request to appear in our website so far in this year. Please welcome them into our Project!

And here are some of their reasons to choose Debian:

“We have chosen Debian over other alternatives; because of its reliability and easiness of maintenance.”

“The decision was based on the selection of additional expandable components, availability of distribution, a regular cycle for issuing amendments, stability and support solutions for a wide range of equipment for a dedicated server solutions.”

“Stability is important for us.”

“The main reason for choosing Debian over other distributions is the package management, security, number of available packages, ease-of-use, stability, amount of quality documentation, and cost.”

“We choose Debian to easen the burden of system administration. Also because Debian has very well maintaned packages and for high security.”

“Debian is powerful and keeping originality of Linux.”

“We find the software that comes with Debian very useful and easy to use since we are not specialists in computer matters.”

“Debian is the most powerful Linux distribution! The best choice for our jobs, our servers and our lifestyle.”

“We chose Debian because it is stable, simple and fast to install and to use, and because it is Free Software.”

“We are proud to say that we use Debian/GNU Linux on more than 90% of our servers and this simply because of it’s stability, security and great packaging system.”

“Debian offered the perfect balance between security, stability and ease of administration.”

“We chose Debian for its rock-solid stability, ease of installation and configuration, and awesome ability to not only run on old, second-hand hardware, but to turn that hardware into powerful production machines perfect for our needs. We also like Debian’s Social Contract. None of the other options were as successful in this implementation.”

“It is refreshing and enjoyable to have an operating system which gives users easy access.”

Thanks very much for the hard work, Webmaster Team.