The Debian Women project is pleased to announce the -start of a series of training sessions to be held via IRC in the Debian Women IRC channel, #debian-women on

The first session has been scheduled for Thursday, 18th November at 20:00 UTC. Lars Wirzenius, will give an introductory lesson titled “Introduction to Debian Packaging”.

The main goal of this initiative is to encourage more people, specifically women, to contribute to Debian while introducing them to different aspects of the Debian Project. Topics will span a wide range of subjects related to daily Debian maintenance efforts as well as advanced tasks and are open to everybody, regardless of gender or previous involvements in the community.

Future sessions will be held on a regular basis, and will cover collaborative maintenance with git, Python modules and applications packaging, and many more. Please visit the Training Sessions wiki page regularly to check the up-to-date agenda and follow our group on You may also refer to the wiki to suggest new topics or sign up yourself as a trainer: we are always looking for more people to share knowledge and complete the schedule, so don’t be shy!

For further information about the Debian Women project, please visit the Debian-Women website or send mail to the Debian Women mailing list.